I pretend to hate Mondays

How can anyone truly despise a day that signifies the chance to start new. A real beginning. An opportunity where everything has sort of renewed and headed back to the start.

I know the first day of the rest of your life can be any day of the week but Monday has a fresh feeling even when it’s raining. We dress smarter. Put classy shoes on. Bother with our hair a little longer. Start diets. Fail diets. Take sick days. We put the most effort into simple stuff that can be done everyday, on a Monday!

I believe the flow of Monday helps dictate the week to follow but more than that, your reaction to Monday dictates the flow of the rest of the week.

If you are able to feel grateful just for being able to return to your mundane job, school or existence on a Monday, particularly after an exciting weekend you are going to have a good week. Hell, if you do it every Monday you are going to have a good life.

There’s no real purpose to this post other than to offer food for thought.

I suggest trying a ‘no complain’ day next Monday or even tomorrow. Really strive to lose yourself to the reality of existing and actually live!

Be grateful for your tired eyes because you have two in which you can read from. Celebrate your legs for getting you to where you are because they are as much apart of you as your head. Give thanks to the universe (or God or no one) for your out of season clothes because you have them and they really aren’t that bad.

And smile because it’s Monday, you’re alive and everything is just as it should be.


4 thoughts on “I pretend to hate Mondays

  1. Great post! Dreading Monday does set you up to have a miserable week! If whatever you have to do on monday (certain job, school etc) is so bad that you end up hating the day maybe it’s time to change your situation. Easy to say, hard to do, I know, but there’s no need to suffer.

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