WE WENT TO BONNIE DOON!! (persistance pays people)

So the man and I went on a city break over the Easter long weekend to a little town called Lowestoft and I’ve been super slack at reporting back about it. Never fear though because this post is video heavy so grab your earphones, gather round the campfire and have a watch. Note – take a look at this previous post for a little bit of background.

Also unless you’ve seen The Castle you just won’t get it and you’re a loser.

Bonnie Doon – Part 1
I’ll set the scene for you. It’s 5am, it’s chilly, we’ve just gotten in the car and Matt is fiddling with the sat nav to get us on our way. Let the games begin …

Bonnie Doon – Part 2
Now the road trip is successfully underway it’s time to settle into some of the classics. Please excuse my sweary man, he is easily provoked when he’s tired. Bless.

Bonnie Doon – Part 3 (pub edition)
Some may argue that the chanting can stop now we’ve reached our destination … but I disagree. Three pints deep and it’s time to turn on my charm.

Didn’t work ….

Bonnie Donne – Interlude
It’s fair to say even I am annoyed by my own voice after watching those videos so here’s a quick interlude. We’re pretty hammered and thought it would be a good idea to get snacks and steal shot glasses.

Bonnie Doon – Part 4
Pretty boy is nursing a headache after a yesterday’s antics and isn’t too pleased about going horse riding on the beach. Time to cheer him up.

Bonnie Doon – Part 5
And this is the moment you have all been waiting for ladies and gents. I never though it would happen but after four days of road tripping and sight seeing we finally made it to Bonnie Doon.

And that’s about as exciting as our trip to Lowestoft was. Oh and we saw loads of baby lambs and bahhhhh’d at them for half an hour but that’s another post for an other day.