Refugees welcome

A man hold a placard reading "Help Europe" as Syrian and Afgan refugees attend a protest rally to demand to travel to Germany on September 2, 2015 outside the Keleti (East) railway station in Budapest. Hungarian authorities face mounting anger from thousands of migrants who are unable to board trains to western European countries after the main Budapest station was closed.  AFP PHOTO / FERENC ISZA        (Photo credit should read FERENC ISZA/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo credit: FERENC ISZA/AFP/Getty Images)

The threat of terrorism MAY increase if Europe were to accept Syria’s refugees. But we must accept that if we allow these people to drown off our shores then the threat will become a certainty. Exclusion encourages religious extremism and is exactly what makes the Western world a target during peace times.

It is Europe’s responsibility to absorb the Syrian refugee population that are in search of safer boarders. There is no them and us now, it is just us with the opportunity to show true human compassion to a desperate nation.

Please remember these people are refugees, not immigrants. They have not chosen your country. They have chosen life over death and for our governments to be the reason that life is no longer an option is heartbreaking.

I can testify that many people, myself included, would willingly face the threat of terror, if that meant that 16,000 displaced refugees we’re welcomed within our boarders ‪#‎refugeeswelcome‬